The impact of technology growth in IT and Electronics also created a huge change how people think about standard Transport Systems. The technology change impacted the way people think about the:

  • Managing the vehicles, cargo and supply chain including Warehouse.
  • The improvement in the latest technology allowed to create driver less vehicles with integration highly flexible computer vision techniques, modular design of Engine Control System(ECS), standardized dashboard diagnostics system, Well connected and managed vehicle dashboard onboard unit, in vehicle infotainment systems allowed rapid growth in automotive industry to play a critical role in terms of delivering high end technology solutions.
  • The development of High End technology forward vehicles, highly capable management framework also yielded new technology area called Intelligent Transport Systems. The ITS involves integration of high end technology in the vehicle with OBUs connected to the Road side devices or 3G/4G/LTE network with higher connectivity capability by making Internet of things true.

The ITS allows the technology innovations in areas like PIS(passenger information system), public transport systems communication management and messaging to users, different ticketing systems and tracking solutions related to ITS can allow huge automation of transportation in private and public sector. The automation of bus depose, railway stations, airports well connected to each other can result in a efficient usage of the time of customer. The Emerging of Smart Cities also requires ITS as the primary need with integrated capability to track the public transport system, vehicle safety and supply chain management.

The solutions like managing the sensor information end to end, providing right calculation to the user about the environment conditions, providing emergency support on breakdown can help in improving the existing system in managed way.

Expertise in developing skytubes Divistha areas like:

  • ECS software development on ARM Cortex M4/M3 or any other Freescale/Renesas 8/16 controllers.
  • Expertise in developing solutions based on Linux an android for IVI/IFI/ICI.huge expertise in developing In vehicle infotainment devices which works in heterogeneous OS model where Data plane(ECS)is developed using QNX/Nucleus/FreeRTOS. The control plane where major components of IVI like Connectivity/Radio management layer, audio management layer, HFP/HSP profiles, Touch FrontEnd, keyboard and high end graphics display support is handled using Linux or Android based on customer design.

The control plane can handle the standards like:

  • MirrorLink
  • Google CarPlay
  • MiraCast(based on WiFi Alliance Standard)
  • with Genavi compatibility.

The devices should also support latest BTAudio profiles like:

  • HSP(head set profile)
  • HFP(hands free profile)
  • BLE(for sensor management like rear view mirror etc)

The support for CAN and any other cystin controller area networking protocols also major for data plane.

In terms of USPs we have unique capabilities in:

  • Developing the WSN(wireless sensor Network) framework for automobile.
  • Developing Linux based platform customization for speed and performance with expertise in different kernel version from 2.4 to 3.x.
  • Linux distributions for ARM/ARM74 with file system customization, bootloader optimization, kernel fine tuning for platforms like FreeScale series, TI AM3x/AM4x series, QualComm, Renesas controllers.
  • Expertise in porting custom protocol stack for MiraCast with optimization capabilities for gstreamer framework.
  • Different standards like MirrorLink, UPnP and DLNA, Google CarPlay with some customization.
  • BT support for different profiles like HSP, HFP, GATT(B:E) etc.
  • Capability work in different release versions of Android like ICS, kitkat, Lollipop etc as well as different linux distros like yacto, open embedded, montavista and timesys with capability to develop home grown distribution.