Porting of custom rf stack on Ti CC2xxx chipset:

Development custom stack for smart energy and grid development of complete stack based on sample firmware released by TI Porting or 6lowpan and custom mesh networking stack on TI chipset.

  • Development of RF stack on Nordic NRF series controllers.
  • Porting of custom RF solution on Silicon labs RF controllers.
  • Development of IOT connective board based on STM32 wireless controller.
  • Custom GPS module development for Drone development based on OMAPL138 board with integrated support for Camera.
  • Firmware for Chip Testing:

    Multiple projects are carried out based on the:

    • LPC.
    • Luminary/TI L<3S series controllers.
    • STM32 series controllers.

    On presilicon testing of the chip/final board. These Test zigs are used for functional validations for the presilicon stage of the chip or pre-evaluation of bigger boards. Applications like high speed Ethernet, graphics, usb, wireless chipsets are carried out.