Intelligent Transport System

The ability to work with different technology solutions like existing M2M solutions, geotelematics solutions, emerging IOT solutions, GPS based delivery tracking system, existing local ticketing system or Remote GPRS based POS system, SmartCard/RFID card based ticketing system for parking, ticketing in Metro/Railway/Bus stops/Depos. Ticketing systems in vehicle with handheld devices remotely connected server with support for SmartCard/RFID cards.

Technologies like supporting CreditCard in vehicle payments yet under development in lots of countries. The integration of PIS, ticketing, booking of public/private transport vehicles, vehicle safety devices for safety of users like tracking devices with user, wearable devices with user with health condition of user and importantly.

  • Information on the present conditions of road.
  • Traffic jams and other brake down situations.
  • Efficient route scheduling of the vehicle.
  • Proper exit and entry of vehicles to depose with less congestion and user boarding.
  • Safety of the user on the vehicle with proper integration to emergency system.

Above all resulted in modern ITS system which will allow managed user the communicate over Internet with devices(IOT). This allowed implement local devices and Road side devices/infrastructure devices to provide exact information of the moving vehicle in transmission.

The emergent smartcity allowed a great growth for this technology and provides a huge customized solutions in this area.

We provide a huge variety of customized solutions to end customers/technology companies for:

  • Developing custom devices for variety of areas in ITS like ticketing, POS, vehicle entertainment, tracking etc.
  • Technologies like WIFi in 5 GiG/Wimax/LTE based connectivity solutions. Mesh networking solutions also developed by Divistha.
  • Web/Cloud based solutions for route scheduling and tracking,PIS, Vehicle management, Data analytics, Billing and ticketing, supply chain and tracking, Sensor management also the RFID based tracking system will allow the customers in online e-commerce to deliver the product to user in predictable fashion by reducing the burden of the delivery time.
  • The Mobile application on android and iphone allow the industrial customers to utilize the existing tablets/mobile devices to integrate will with the server and gives a seamless information about ITS system like:
  1. Notifications to passengers.
  2. Notification for employee boarding office cab.
  3. Notification of goods delivery to server and customer and supplier.
  4. Events and alerts.
  5. Efficient usage of transport system.
  • Custom hardware also can be developed based on user needs like bluetooth based devices, custom devices for connectivity and custom adaptable modules.