The Emerging of WiFi worlds best innovation lead to Internet started increasing day by day and increasing bandwidth and reducing latency added a huge benefit the growth of Internet. The advancement of Wireless technology with multi carrier transmission like ofdm increased the data rate the technology advancement resulted in reducing the chip size as well as reduction in the power consumption. The emergence of smartphone in recent past increased the huge adaption of WiFi chips and contributed a mass deployment of WiFi chips in billions. The technology advancement in Mobile technology allowed the revolution in the market of connectivity and sensing technology. The usage of sensors like Gyro, acre meter, magneto meter allowed the growth of MEMS technology in rapid pace. This allowed the overall industry producing small sized sensors which can be implanted inside silicon. All these emerging technology allowed the Industrial automation, Home automation, Home security, Transport System, Automobile industry to look at a new thought of connected sensors. The integration the connectivity solutions like bluetooth,WiFi, zigbee, 802.15.4 devices along with sensors providing a precise data by connecting to network. The new era these connected device coined as Internet Of Things (IOT).

The smartphone became the integral part of these connected devices. IOT is really the connectivity between people to things, things to things and people to people. Without the people to people the usefulness IOT will never be felt.

we as a organization were in this business of M2M(a integral part of IPT) for several years. We developed lot of solutions and products based on Atmel Atmega, AVR and TI LM3S series controllers for different devices like:

  • Billing, printing application.
  • Notification devices Water supply board for the notification on overflow of tanks through WiFi/zigbee controllers.
  • Modbus to zigbee gateway devices.
  • Modbus to WiFi gateway.
  • WiFi to zigbee gateway devices.

Recent past we also focused on developing server based solutions to detect device profiles and automatically configure the device or allow:

  • Android or iphone application to configure the device.
  • Configure the devices through web.
  • Generate the graphs, reports and charts of sensors and devices.
  • Created flexible solutions to adapt different databases, of file based data storage for analytics software
  • Develop analytics modules based on MATLAB and integrate to hadoop framework.

WiFi camera integration for image processing and analysis was one of the major tasks carried out by us. The motion analysis, computer vision, Fusion algorithms for sensor data and camera data for analysis is a major projects with different customers in Divistha.

We work on developing drone devices which has high speed capability for indoor and outdoor applications.

We have Web based solutions which can capture and show different camera informations and integrate the analysis framework and give.

IOT modules are produced which uses like:

  • WiFi module with temperature sensor.
  • BLE module with temperature sensor.
  • BLE module with location profile.
  • RTLS system with WiFi.
  • Bluetooth low energy devices with student tracking system.
  • GPS and RFID based reader devices.
  • GPS based tracking system.
  • Parking and billing device based on WiFi.
  • Development of gateway devices for different technology like modbus, LON etc
  • GPRS/Wifi based msart meter and smart switches for LED lights.
  • Wireless mesh devices for street lights.