The Community driven linux development triggered a huge porting of this OS into multiple CPUs and hardware platform and allowing it run on device with 8MB RAM system to high speed, multi cpu, server farm.

This allowed a huge business opportunity in different industrial segments allowing over the period variety of platforms are developed based Linux from mobile phone to coffee vending machine.

Evolution of linux kernel resulted in developing different distributions over the period from standard desktop distributions to server grade enterprise linux distribution, embedded carrier grade distribution for industrial applications.

The usage Linux kernel also resulted in different file system variants allowing a huge variety OS platform to emerge. Android is the one of the popular OS platform developed based on Linux kernel.

The distributions like Redhat Enterprise Linux, SuSE based SLES platform, CentOS from Redhat, OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu based on Debian, Montavista Linux, Fedora, Mandriva, LinuxMint, ArchLinux, GentooLinux, Montavista Linux,WindRiver Linux and other custom distributions became famous as a platform of choice in Linux user community. Over the period Fedora, Ubuntu and LinuxMint picked up in standard desktop world.

In we have expertise in customizing the platform based on Ubuntu/Debian. LinuxMint, RHEL/CentOS, SuSE,ArchLinux/Fedora based linux distributions for size and complexity and performance.

The customization expertise helped us to optimize different graphics environments like unity,gnome classic, xfce and other desktop environments. we have huge expertise in optimizing bootloaders like grub, etherboot, redboot and kernel reconfiguration, kernel modifications rebuilding kernel with optimized driver support, driver development for custom devices, boot optimization in the boot path of Linux init scripts and interaction of bootloader, initrd and kernel.

The above capabilities allowed us to develop a home grown distribution developed from scratch or utilizing the existing distribution and develop a overlay platform called NammaOS. The smileLinux is a custom operating system with custom file system and kernel/bootloader combo very much customized for customer specific application area like:

  • Healthcare system.
  • Routers and wireless CPEs.
  • Wireless based the backend devices.
  • POS and handheld terminal devices.
  • Mobile phone platforms.
  • ATM and kiosk machines.
  • IOT and home automation devices.
  • Industrial and Building automation platform.
  • HMI devices.
  • Printer devices.
  • Data distribution units.
  • Observative server sj.
  • Licensing servers and server virtualization system.
  • Transaction devices and Home gateways.
  • KVM based server OS.
  • Openstack integrated custom OS.
  • Touch based custom devices for defense purposes.
  • Rugged handheld and Device software.
  • Automotive platform for IVI.
  • Vending machines.
  • Home security and Biometric devices.
  • SmartCard and RFOD devices.
  • Billing and ticketing devices.
  • Cash registry.
  • ECG and wearable devices.

Also expertise has been developed in creating overlay applications and customization using yacto, openembedded, openwrt, meego platforms