Mobile Apps

Over the period working with different of developing applications we acquired a special skills of developing applications in the areas of:

  1. Device management
  2. Device battery statistics, power utilization for each resources, changing configuration of device remotely like display, touch, appearance, location, storage, connectivity, keyboard, language etc.

    The device management agents are developed for devices based on android, Windows 10 and other mobile platforms based on Linux distributions.

    capability to provide device locking using application with security support and kiosk capability which can be configurable allowed the users to develop multiple industrial applications.

  3. Connectivity stacks and Applications
  4. The huge expertise in Android/Windows 10/Linux based mobile platforms allowed us to develop applications on.

    • Android platform by developing middleware for rild like userspace drivers for GPRS, 3G/4G/LTE support.
    • Kernel drivers customization for connectivity stack.
    • Android API/services development for connectivity application.
    • Development of custom NDK/SDM components for connectivity management/interoperable systems like LTE+CDMA etc.
    • Development of custom Application or integration to existing settings application for configuring the connectivity settings.
    • Developing custom intents/broadcast receivers by modifying the existing application available in Android Git repo.
    • Development of Windows 10 custom solutions in terms user space dlls and applications.
    • Special support features like custom vpn support, protocol services etc.
    • Development of custom application for FirefoxOS/B2G, Ubuntu Mobile, Meego or other custom platforms based on Linux and mobile frameworks.
    • Qt/Gtk based application development expertise.
    • Custom Applications for Device interface.
    • e-Commerce Android and iPhone applications.
    • Connectivity applications like chat client, Network video streaming applications.
    • Location based applications like maps based custom solutions like tracking cake availability in a cake store chain near to your house.
    • Tracking solutions baed on NFC, RFID.
    • Applications like media streaming, media industry based application.
    • Applications for wearable devices, Brilo based custom small device based applications for billing, POS and ticketing.