NammaOS is a custom linux developed by SmarPathIndia.

This OS platform provides following features Runs on x86 and x86_64 platform The OS is a customized for different hardware and motherboards. The major customization in terms video and hardware graphics acceleration, dual port support, WiFi support, audio support are developed platforms like:

  • intel atom cedarview series.
  • intel baytrial series.
  • intel Atom Viewvally series.
  • VIA C7 series.
  • AMD Geode.
  • AMD APU.
  • ARM and ARN_64 controllers.
  • Freescale series controllers.
  • TI AM335x series controllers.
  • Allwinner A1x/a3x series controllers.
  • RockChip R31xx series controllers.
  • Tegra.
  • Smartdragon.
  • PowerPC controllers.
  • Freescale PowerPC controllers.

The OS has following features:

  • Fail safe file system with multiple backups.
  • Highly configuration bootloader like u-boot, grub.
  • Supports VGA, DP, HDMI, DVI based on hardware.
  • Supports firmware upgrade.
  • Supports cloud connect features.