Following case study we involved in porting a custom linux based printer server to android platform and create a android IPP client to create printing profiles. We implemented a printing service which can be used for consuming the document printing tasks from different applications. Majorly supported:

  • PS and PDF files.
  • doc, odf and image files.
  • text and html file printing.
  • text with minimal special tags for the thermal printer support.
  • added the special services where applications can dump directly rendered data or raw data to the printer.
  • Works fine for serial printers.

We had customers who are interested in following applications used above solution.

  • Retail and POS industry.
  • ATM and Kiosk industry.
  • Hand held ticketing devices.
  • Credit/Debit Card transaction Terminals.
  • Billing devices.
  • Parking meters and terminals.

Any one interested please submit the request.

Customizing the Printing Stack for Linux/Embedded devices:

added support for printing firmware with escape sequence support on:

  • Freescale i.MX series ARM9 / ARM Cortex /A8/A9 controllers.
  • TI/Luminary LM series Cortex M3/M4 controllers.
  • STMicro STM32 series Cortex M3/M4 controllers.
  • NXP LPC series ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 controllers.
  • Atmel SAM series Controllers(ARM9, ARM 7TDMU, Cortex M3).
  • TI AM33xx Sitara series controllers.
  • TI OMAP and DM series controllers.
  • All winner A10 series controllers.

The stack has capability to talk to thermal printing module with support for:

  • bitmap printing.
  • barcode printing.
  • text printing with multi language.

The module can be interface with SPI/UART/GPIO/I2C interfaces.

The custom stack on linux implements a custom user space printing driver for the thermal printer interfaced. The driver can be reimplemented based on requirements of the customers printing module or escape sequence requirements.

We also support custom printing stack development for:

  • Bitmap rendering.
  • Multi language support.
  • Custom document filter development.

We have developed solutions which supports printing on:

  • Bluetooth with support SP, for BPP, HCRP profiles.
  • WiFi based thermal and standard printing support.
  • Cloud printing support.
  • Support for printing over low power RF devices like zigbee, 6lowpan devices for Thermal printer support
  • WiFi Mesh or 802.15.4 mesh based printing device support.
  • Raw serial port printing support for embedded devices.
  • Raw parallel port or USB to parallel port printing support.
  • Centronics port printing support.

We also Pioneer in art of Thermal printing solutions.

We have huge experience in customizing the cups printing manager with different features and support for low foot print linux based embedded platforms, thin client and mobile clients.

Cups and lpd based customization like:

  • drivers.
  • kernel driver customization.
  • bug fixes for kernel drivers for different Atom intel and amd APU SoC boards.
  • optimizing cups and driver performance for ARM platforms.

Mobile Application Solutions:

  • Cloud photo printing applications supports different image sources from cloud storage or social media platform like Facebook, Whatsup etc.

This application is designed for iphone and android.

  • mobile printing services for android.
  • Thermal printing service for android.
  • Data Processing and Bitmap Conversation for multi language android sdk development.
  • Android sdk for Serial(UART), SPI/I2C/GPIO based thermal, barcode, and imaging, standard printer support service.
  • Support for Printing configuration using BPP protocol with custom profiles for Network printers, Bluetooth printers, WiFi printers.
  • support for BPP//HCRP stack for android devices.
  • Printer support customization.

MFP printer firmware upgrade:

  • Design and Development of MFP printer firmware.
  • Complete u-boot based firmware upgrade architecture for linux based printers/MFP.
  • Fail-safe custom Embedded Linux based platform for printing devices. This fail safe OS will provide a high performance, low latency boot support, highly recoverable file system,strong firmware upgrade mechanism.

The innovation at in different printer firmware and software development allowed us to enable the technology for Retail, Automotive, Industrial markets in right way.

The presently happening buzzword IOT(Internet of Things) also requires these advancement in printing technology to enable cloud based printing and easy plug and play of billing printers, barcode printers and thermal printers.

The parking meters, bus/rail ticketing systems will use extensively use these devices where the user is unknown. The connected world technologies like RFID, smartcard can replace the billing printers. But the requirement of these printers will be still increasing because of the new mobile based scanning and detection technology is also considered for ticketing, because of the security issues like privacy and security.