Vehicle Management

The solution is a cloud based or can be run as a local server solution for the customers. This management solution provides a wide variety of options to the user with:

  • support for monitoring the vehicles present position and its condition. We work with variety of hardware devices including Nirmitsus NUGioPlus.

The product has different features like:

  • Geo fencing.
  • Alerts and offline information storage.
  • Sync of pff, ome data to the server.
  • Support for Live tracking through:
  1. Internal GPRS module with GSM or Data mode. Data can be communicated in dual band or quad band setup with fail over depending upon avail of signal.
  2. Support for 3G/4G/2G modems and dongles external for high speed connectivity.
  3. Support for Live tracking and control The software can do a live control of the vehicle using integrated control of relays on board

where we can provide:

  1. Automatic door locking system
  2. lock down of the system for exceeding speed limit or miss handling in terms of traffic rules, or going away from Geo fencing after the multiple warnings.
  • The software highly capable of integrating into localtracking systems like RFID. This can provide:
  1. Passenger entry and exit tracking system for office cabs, school vans, office buses, campus vehicles etc.
  2. Passenger information system: The integration of the RFID+GPS device will allow the complete integration of Delivery tracking system.

The software will communicate to the device through some intermediate system.

  1. Scan the item and update the delivery.
  2. All other process of delivery tracking.
  • The system and software is capable of tracking multiple users from different device implemented can give unique view of the vehicles on WebIO/Mobile applications. The server front end will allow the user
  1. Create unique map history for each and every vehicles with alerts, warning and rule braking done by the driver.
  2. Reports based on time, place, and different conditions on move like highest rule breakers, warning and other information.
  3. Unique integration to time and attendance and passenger information system.
  4. Unique integration to different sensors in vehicle for goods tracking.
  5. Capable of integration to local information base.
  6. Voice based location announcement system.
  7. Total offline based operating mode with navigation support with storage of local alerts, warning and rules override with support for remote syncing when network is available.
  8. Support for power removal detection and capable of working in battery for smaller period.
  9. Maintenance support with data collected for vehicle maintenance like servicing period, tire change time and any other repair information and tracking of vehicle maintenance for each driver to find the driver performance and vehicle performance.
  10. Capable of interacting with SoS(Emergency button) and Camera based video recording. Driver monitoring based on camera.
  11. Ability to integrate the PIS database or external PIS database.
  12. Ability to give the fuel condition.
  13. Detection of door open condition.
  14. Detection of vehicle engine condition and all other parameters for optimal management of the vehicle
  15. Ability to integrate to existing ITS solution and PIS system to allow seamless vehicle management.